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About Dinge passieren

Time has been stretched, cut, divided and re-organized in many sorts of ways during the 11-months period of creation of Dinge passieren. In fact, the project slowly shaped itself, taking strange forms, getting a little more tentacular with every ideas – and questions – that it raised.

It was subject to constant reformulation : What should be let in, what should be left out of the installation ?
From these self-induced problematics, came as a matter of facts an ensemble of processes, “state of things” that scattered in the project ; some things in here grow, some things in here slowly fade, and some other things just seem to stay as they are. Let us launch them on their path, and make them resonate together through these rooms.
Combinations of materials and combinations of ideas came together, each one forming its own cycle, in a chain of slow and fast events which would be the overall installation.

Dinge passieren is and always was somewhere on a thin line between disturbance and control. It is an elusive thing, that changes from one day to a reasonable amount of planned intentions into a chaotic buzz the very next one. We were driven to adapt ourselves to it, to find our own rythm(s), some sort of day-to-day synchronicity.
It is a little parenthesis where nobody is king.

Tristan Rolin and Mona Schmidtke met at the beginning of their studies at the art school of Tourcoing, France, a few years ago . It was not long before they started plotting a few art schemes together.
And it might come as no surprise ; after all, the place was already packed with the most hectic mix of time-scheduled obligations directly followed by a nearly complete “laisser aller.”
They nowadays both live and work in Berlin, which gave them the perfect excuse to synchronize/realize together once again.

Our warmest thanks to the people that helped making this exhibition alive ;
The team of the Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, that welcomed this particular project with open arms,
the Schulze-Fielitz Stiftung for her financial support,
Katrin Kamrau and Miriam Rürup of KuLi for their enthusiasm and tenacity,
Birgit Kunz for her work and invigorating participation,
Raphael Masche for his work and expertise on many surprising levels.

pas sie ren

@Raum für drastische Maßnahmen

09.04.2021- 01.05.2021



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